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Big pack square balers

Unleash efficiency with Krone BiG Pack Square Balers

The Krone partnership brings you state-of-the-art precision baling technology. Engineered for excellence, these balers redefine efficiency in hay and straw baling. Experience the pinnacle of productivity with Krone big pack square balers where you will achieve optimal bale density and uniformity with every pass, ensuring top-quality fodder for your livestock. Forage farmers know the value of a perfect bale. Dense, consistent and perfectly formed, it’s the gold standard for efficient storage, transport and utilisation. This is where the square balers come in – a force of nature designed to revolutionise your baling operation.

Krone square balers provide reliable performance

Built to withstand the rigours of the field, Krone BiG Pack Square Balers feature a robust design that ensures reliability even in challenging conditions. From heavy-duty components to advanced engineering, trust in a baler that delivers performance season after season. Krone big pack square balers are more than just machines; they’re partners in your success. The Variable Filling System, the unique MultiBale system and the seamless EasyFlow pick-up with a mechanical-drive rotor (Active Pick-up) are some of the stand-out features of the Krone square balers.

Invest in the future of baling with Krone BiG Pack Square Balers.

Choosing a Krone big pack square baler is an investment in your future. Renowned for their exceptional build, quality, reliability and long-lasting performance, these balers are built to handle the toughest conditions and deliver years of trouble-free operation. Backed by Kubota’s legendary support network, you can rest assured that you’re making a decision that will pay off for seasons to come. From cutting-edge technology to durable construction, these balers are designed to be the backbone of your harvesting success. Choose Krone and choose excellence in baling.

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