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Forage wagons

Krone forage wagons: engineered for every load and every field

Elevate your forage harvesting capabilities with Krone forage wagons. Designed with cutting-edge technology, these wagons ensure efficient forage handling from field to storage. You need robust, reliable wagons that easily handle every load, minimise crop loss, and keep your workflow rolling. Krone wagons ensure all of this, they are a class apart in performance, innovation and efficiency. From the compact AX series to the high-volume ZX lineup, Krone offers a wagon to match your operation’s demands perfectly. Haul more with every trip, optimise your storage space and confidently conquer even the largest fields.

Superior crop preservation with Krone forage wagons

Preserve the nutritional quality of your forage crops with Krone forage wagons. These wagons are equipped with features that maintain the integrity of your harvest, ensuring your livestock receives top-quality feed. The Krone PowerChop cutting system precisely slices forage for optimal digestion and preservation, while the gentle handling components minimise leaf loss and maintain quality. Robust construction throughout ensures durability and reliability even in challenging conditions.

Precision at your fingertips with the Krone forage wagons

Take command of your forage handling process with Krone’s precision control features. From loading to unloading, these wagons offer intuitive controls, ensuring a smooth and controlled operation. Whether you’re dealing with hay, silage, or other forage varieties, Krone forage wagons, provide versatile handling. Adapt to different forage types with ease, ensuring flexibility in your harvesting approach. The Krone forage wagons offer a range of capacity options, allowing you to select the ideal wagon size for your operation. From smaller farms to large-scale enterprises, we have you covered. Make a strategic investment in your harvesting success with Krone forage wagons.

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