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Pellet harvesters

Revolutionising biomass harvesting with Krone pellet harvesters

Experience a new era of precision in biomass harvesting with the Krone pellet harvesters. Engineered for efficiency and versatility, this innovative harvester sets a new standard in producing high-quality biomass pellets. In today’s energy landscape, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. That’s where Krone pellet harvesters shine. These innovative machines transform biomass into high-quality pellets, empowering you to harness renewable energy directly from your fields.

Set the standard worldwide with the Krone pellet harvesters

The Krone Premos 5000 is the first pellet harvester that pellets long-stemmed crops like straw, hay and lucerne on the move, while harvesting the straw. The finished product is then overloaded into a chaser bin. As well as being a mobile pellet harvester, the Premos is also a stationary pellet mill that harnesses the huge potential of straw, which is abundantly available in the fields around the world, and presses it into top-quality, high-fibre pellets. These make ideal bedding, animal feed and fuel.

From crop to pellet – one seamless process with Krone Pellet Harvesters

Used as a stationary mill, Premos can produce pellets all year round. The bale is removed from storage and fed into the machine via a system of shredding rollers. To convert Premos into a stationary mill, remove the pick-up and replace this with the bale shredder, which makes an integral part of the machine. The Krone Premos 5000 produces pellets that are clearly different from DIN pellets. With a 16mm diameter, high-fibre pellets that are made from un-chopped material are much bigger than pellets that meet DIN standards. Rich in fibre, pellets add structure to the ration and offer good absorption qualities as bedding.

Krone Pellet Harvesters handle everything, from cutting and collecting your chosen biomass to processing it into uniform, high-energy pellets. No need for multiple machines or complex workflows – experience true one-pass efficiency.

Contact your local Krone dealer today and discover how Krone pellet harvesters can transform your land into a renewable energy powerhouse.