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Rotary rakes

Revolutionise your haymaking with Krone rotary rakes

Haymaking is a delicate combination of speed and quality You need efficient gathering without sacrificing that perfectly formed windrow. That’s where Krone Rotary Rakes come in with innovative engineering designed to revolutionise your haymaking with unmatched performance and control. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these rakes redefine the standards of efficiency and reliability in the field. Experience the epitome of precision forage handling with Krone Rotary Rakes.

Krone rotary rakes are built for endurance and engineered for ease

With heavy-duty construction, Krone rotary rakes withstand up to the toughest conditions, season after season. Their low-maintenance design saves you time and money with minimal upkeep. You can spend more time harvesting and less time on maintenance. Built to handle the challenges of diverse field conditions, Krone rotary rakes deliver dependable performance season after season. From wet grass to dry hay, trust in a rake that adapts to the nuances of your operation.

Invest in precision harvesting with Krone rotary rakes

Elevate your harvesting capabilities with Krone rotary rakes. From innovative technology to reliable performance, these rakes are the key to achieving precision in forage handling and ensuring the success of your harvest. With industry-leading technology, Krone rotary rakes deliver clean, gentle raking for minimal leaf loss and optimal drying. Choose the rake that fits your operation’s needs. Krone offers a range of rotary rake models with adjustable raking widths, allowing you to customise your equipment to match your specific field requirements.

Contact your local Krone dealer today and discover how Krone Rotary Rakes can transform your operation with unrivalled efficiency, control and peace of mind.