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Rotary tedders

Cutting-edge forage tedding technology with Krone Rotary Tedders

Embrace a new era of forage drying efficiency with Krone Rotary Tedders. Designed with cutting-edge technology, these tedders redefine the field's precision and speed standards. Haymaking relies on the delicate combination of sunshine and time. You need to turn your cut crop efficiently, exposing every blade to the sun’s warmth for optimal drying, without compromising its quality. That’s where Krone Rotary Tedders come in – your secret weapon for turning hay into gold effortlessly.

Superior tedding and unmatched efficiency with Krone Rotary Tedders

Krone Rotary Tedders use a range of innovative features to ensure a superior quality of work while maintaining operator comfort. Robust design aspects ensure downtime is minimised, which is vital during harvesting. Whether you’re working with grass, alfalfa, or other forage crops, Krone rotary tedding tedders offer versatility. Adapt to different forage types with ease, ensuring flexibility in your drying process. Designed for exceptional manoeuvrability, these tedders effortlessly handle tight turns and contours, ensuring thorough and efficient tedding.

Krone Rotary Tedders are built to last

Elevate your forage drying capabilities with Krone Rotary Tedders. From innovative technology to reliable performance, these tedders are the key to achieving precision in forage drying and ensuring the success of your harvest. With the heavy-duty construction, Krone Rotary Tedders withstand the toughest field conditions, season after season. With maintenance-free components, you can minimise downtime and focus on what matters – making hay. Krone rotary tedders are where precision meets productivity in forage tedding.

Contact your local Krone dealer today and discover how Krone Rotary Tedders can revolutionise haymaking with unmatched efficiency, reliability and peace of mind.