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Round balers

Bale up efficiency and bale up profit with Krone Round Balers

Forage farmers know that the perfect bale is more than just tightly packed hay. It’s the culmination of efficiency, precision and unwavering reliability. That’s where Krone Round Balers are engineered to revolutionise your operation with every perfectly formed, high-density bale. Experience unmatched precision in bale formation with Krone’s advanced round baler technology. These machines are engineered to create tightly packed, uniform bales, ensuring the highest quality fodder for your livestock.

User-friendly operation with Krone Round Balers

Simplify your baling process with Krone’s user-friendly design. These round balers feature intuitive controls and interfaces, making setup and operation a breeze and allowing you to focus on your harvest. Choosing a Krone round baler is an investment in your future. Features like Krone SmartConnect let you monitor and control your baler from your smartphone, while the automatic net and twine loading systems save you time and effort. Every detail is designed to maximise your efficiency and profitability.

Dependable performance in varied conditions

Built to tackle diverse field conditions, Krone Round Balers deliver consistent performance season after season. Whether you’re dealing with wet or dry crops, trust in a baler that adapts to the unique challenges of your operation. Krone Round Balers are designed for high-capacity operations. These balers can handle large volumes of material, allowing you to achieve more in less time. Choosing a Krone round baler is an investment in your future. Renowned for their exceptional build quality, reliability, and long-lasting performance, these balers are built to handle the toughest conditions and deliver years of trouble-free operation.

Contact your local Krone dealer today for a test drive and discover how Krone Round Balers can bale up your efficiency and your profit.