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Silage bale wrappers

Protect your forage, maximise your profit with Krone silage bale wrappers

Forage preservation demands precision and protection. You need a silage bale wrapper that delivers airtight seals, maximises bale stability and keeps your valuable feed fresh and potent. That’s where Krone silage bale wrappers shine – engineered to safeguard your hard work and maximise your return on every investment. Featuring cutting-edge technology, these wrappers redefine the standards of efficiency, reliability, and forage quality preservation. From innovation to durability, these wrappers are designed to be the cornerstone of your forage quality preservation.

Optimal silage sealing and rapid wrapping for increased productivity

Experience superior silage sealing with Krone’s advanced wrapping mechanism. These bale wrappers are engineered for precision, ensuring a tight and secure seal that preserves the freshness and nutritional quality of your silage. Maximise your silage baling efficiency with Krone silage bale wrappers. These machines are designed for rapid wrapping, allowing you to wrap more bales in less time, enhancing overall productivity. From round bales to square bales, Krone silage bale wrappers offer versatility in wrapping performance. Adapt to different bale types easily, ensuring flexibility in your silage preservation process.

Dependable performance and robust construction for longevity

Built to handle diverse field conditions, Krone silage bale wrappers deliver consistent performance season after season. Whether you’re wrapping in wet or dry conditions, trust in a wrapper that adapts to the unique challenges of your operation. Built with durability in mind, the Krone silage bale wrappers feature robust construction that withstands the demands of heavy use. Every component is crafted from the chassis to the wrapping mechanism for longevity and consistent performance. Make a strategic investment in your silage preservation success with Krone silage bale wrappers.

Contact your local Krone dealer today and discover how Krone silage bale wrappers can revolutionise your forage preservation.