AX 280 GD

The AX 280 GD has a capacity of 28 cubic metres and has a range of features that will compliment any Farmers current practices.  Heavy work loads matched with convenience of servicing is a trademark of Krone’s that you will find embedded in Krone’s range of wagons.

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Easyflow Pick Up

AX 280 GD feature image 1
  • The Camless EasyFlow pick-up has 60% fewer moving parts resulting in quieter running and reduced wear while the crop feer roller eliminates the risk of crop pushing in uneven swaths.
  • Guide wheels at the rear of the pickup enhgance the overall running of the wagon. They help to ensure that the wagon does not runn in the tractor wheelings ensuring that optimal pick-up height is maintained.
  • The pneumatic pivoting guide wheels provide great height control ans adabdability to suit all conditions. They eliminate the risk of scuffing and provide excellent turf protection.
  • The pick-up pivots in both its mountings to provide full ground contour following for the cleanest of pick-ups.

Feed Rotor

AX 280 GD feature image 2
  • The large 760mm V shaped rotor ensures the smoothest of crop flow and most powerful of cuts.
  • The rotor tines made of hardox steel feature extra wide feed plates that provide gentle crop treatment and enhanced quality of cuts and reduced power.
  • The 1½” thick drive chains are automatically lubricated to cope with the highest of loads and guarantees dependable operation limiting your downtime.
  • The knife bank lowers hydraulically to remove any blockages, once the blockage has been cleared the bank swings back into position.

Cutting System

AX 280 GD feature image 3
  • The knives scissor like cut technique limit crop slipping while the crop is cut down the full length of the blade, allowing the rotor run more efficiently and quieter.
  • All knives are individually protected by a spring mechanism that breaks back when hitting a foreign object, once the object is passed they return to cutting position automatically.
  • Select between 0,16, or 32 knife sets in you wagon depending on desired chop length. 90mm for 16 knives and 45mm for 32 knives.
  • The knife back simply lowers and swings out to the left side for easy access when changing knives for greater operator convenience.

Operation and Electronics

AX 280 GD feature image 4
  • Equipped with a tandem axle on large 620/40 R22.5 tyres you can ensure the smoothest of rides that offer great stability especially in those hilly paddocks.
  • Optional scales allow you to know the weight for each load to better charge customers or know the volume harvested on your farm.
  • Standard with a Krone CCI 200 isobus monitor so you can track all of you machine functions on one screen.
  • Automatic loading system uses a pre compression sensor to test the fill levels, when levels are reaches the floor will automatically start moving material to the rear ensuring consistent crop feed.

Body and Rear Door

AX 280 GD feature image 5
  • Equipped with four high tensile chains that are tensioned mechanically ensure swift unloading.
  • The chain-and-slat floor slopes at the front to reduce the length of the passageway increasing efficiency for easy loading.
  • The large double rotor beaters allow for fast and easy unloading on the go. Rear beaters are protected by the main tractor PTO shaft clutch instead of an individual beater clutch, an optional third beater can be fitted.


AX 280 GD Specifications

AX 280 GD
Volume DIN m³28
Pick Up Work Width (m)1.8
Maximum Number of Knives32
Power Requirement hp/kW90/66
2nd Knife Set StandardYes
Length (m)9.6
Width (m)2.515
Overall Height (m)3.65
Track Width (m)1.95
Discharge Rollers2
Tyre Size620/40 R22.5
Knives / Theoretical chopping length32 / 45