Swadro TC 760/760P

The new SwadroTC760/TC760Plus fit the bill for most Australian operations may it be broadacre export hay farmers, contractors or dairy farmers alike. These well equipped super strong rakes deliver best results for highly productive raking.

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Swadro TC 760/760P feature image 1
  • Krone rakes excel with their well shaped windrow formation. This ensures that the following harvesting equipment can increase forward speed and productivity as well as produce the perfect product for example well shaped round or square bales.
  • The secret is behind Krone’s steep cam track angle. This allows the tine arms to pivot very quickly which results in the tines to lift up fast to form an even filled square windrow.
  • The standard centre swath curtain can be used when forming the windrow.

Clean Raking

Swadro TC 760/760P feature image 2
  • Customers tell us our rakes are the cleanest in the field. Our tines are pointing forwards which means when the tine loads up the distance to the ground decreases, to put all that valuable crop into the windrow rather than leaving it behind.
  • The new lift tine is even more forward facing to be exact about 100mm up the tine rod. This simple improvement results in the crop running up the tine rod, so that less material is dragging along the bottom of the tines which reduces crop losses, crop contamination and allows operators to finally use rotary rakes at faster forward speeds.
  • Krone tines are strong using 3 coils and 10.5mm rods. 4 double tines per rotor are standard and the Swadro 760/760Plus offers 13 tine arms per rotor.
  • SwadroTC760Plus offers electric rotor height adjustment from the cabin with height shown on the LCD screen. The SwadroTC760 tine height is adjusted via the adjustment handle. A scale will indicate the actual height in mm rather than guessing what the left is doing versus the right hand rotor.


Swadro TC 760/760P feature image 3
  • The cam track inside of our rotor is dry and does not require any lubrication. We offer 3 years warranty for the cam track for absolute peace of mind and to be honest we never had a warranty claim yet.
  • All tine arms run in large sealed bearings. This means there is no daily greasing of tine arm bushes. The only grease intervals are on the PTO shaft and for the rotor wheel axles, so simplicity increases your productivity so you can be raking in the field rather than greasing.
  • If you have bent a tine arm or later on in the life of the rake replace a roller bearing of the cam follower, just simply remove the whole tine arm assembly by loosening a couple of bolts. Compare this to disassembling the whole rotor housing to get to these items. The Krone design gets you going much quicker.


Swadro TC 760/760P feature image 4
  • Knowing that rotary rakes do not require a lot of tractor PTO horsepower, the engineers have reduced the PTO speed requirement to 350rpm to 450rpm. This will save you fuel and reduces noise, as your tractor runs slower compared to 540PTO speed.
  • Single rotor lift out is a standard feature for all Australian rakes. This allows you to lift either rotor when coming into headland etc.
  • All Swadro TC rakes are under 4m transport height. Do you want to go even lower to put your rake onto a truck, just simply fold three tine arms per rotor to reduce the height even further.

Standard Features

Swadro TC 760/760P feature image 5
  • The Krone Jet Effect, means the rotor always lifts at the front first and sits down at the rear first when lowering the rotor, just like an airplane takes off and lands. This results in the tines not digging into the ground when lifting the rotors which reduces wear, strain on the drive train and crop contamination.
  • Tyres on the rear axle of the new SwadroTC760/760Plus are very wide 15.0/55-17 10 PR.
  • The high clearance frame and high rotor lift out allow the rakes to travel over massive windrows without disturbing them.

Optional Equipment

Swadro TC 760/760P feature image 6
  • Standard for the SwadroTC760Plus is a hydraulic cylinder to adjust the work and swath width from the cab. The SwadroTC760 offers a mechanical top link that can be adjusted with a spanner that comes with the machine. The optional hydraulic cylinder kit of the Plus version is available as an option also for the SwadroTC760.
  • The optional tandem running gear is available for the rear of the rotor axles. This allows for less vibration and a smoother run in the tougher conditions.
  • Additional wheel hub weights allow for extra stability when working in hilly country.
  • Hydraulic driven centre rotor, this very nimble design has been tested but is only recommended in very light hay or leafy crops for Australia.


Swadro TC 760/760P Specifications

Swadro TC 760Swadro TC 760P
Work width6.80 - 7.60 m6.80 - 7.60 m
Work width controlMechanicalHydraulic
Swathing width1.00 - 1.80 m1.00 - 1.80 m
No. of tine arms2 x 132 x 13
No. of double tines104104
No. of rotors22
Rotor diameter3.30 m3.30 m
Rotor Height ControlMechanicalElectric
Separate rotor liftoutStandardStandard
Tyres on bogies16/6.50 - 816/6.50 - 8
Tyres on running gear15.0/55 - 17 10 PR15.0/55 - 17 10 PR
Power output55 HP55 HP
Weight1,950 Kg1,950 Kg
Transport width2.89 m2.89 m
Transport Height3.57 m3.57 m
Storage length5.90 m5.90 m
Storage height3.61 m3.61 m