Krone Net Wrap

The Krone edge, round edge and strong edge net wrap products stand out for their superior quality and ability to adapt to current crop conditions.

Benefits of Krone net wrap:

  • Extra strong and highly resistant to tearing.
  • Patented anti-laddering technology.
  • End warning indicator.
  • Left to right roll markings.

Stretch Film

The Krone excellent slide high end silage film provides the best possible silage results and highest forage quality. The 5 layer excellent slide silage films deliver optimum performance on all bale wrappers as well as round and square silage balers.

Benefits of stretch film:

  • Highly elastic.
  • Enormous resistance to tearing and puncture.
  • Excellent tact characteristics in all temperatures.
  • 5 layer film technology provides maximum strengths.
  • Available in 500mm and 750mm.

Baler Twine

Krone offers a range of twines that have been developed for all crop conditions including heavy bales and difficult crop conditions. Their high resistance to tearing and equally high knot strength is the ideal twine for big balers that provide extremely high baling pressures. Available in excellent multiBale, HPD, square and round baler twines.

Benefits of Krone Twine:

  • Superior quality twine ensures every bale is tightly and effectively tied.
  • Superior knot strength.
  • Extremely resistant to tearing.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Round and small square baler twines available.