AM R 240/AM R 280/AMR 320/AM R 360

Packed with professional features at an affordable price point, the AM R mower range doesn’t skimp on quality, packed with the highest quality components including SafeCut, SmartCut cutter bars. A one piece, fully-welded cutter bar utilises the same system as Krone’s EasyCut mower range, meaning lifetime oil filling – No oil changes required!  Shaft driven like Krone’s larger commercial mower, Krone’s AM R mowers also feature quick change blades to ensure your time in the field is fully maximised!



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Perfect Cut

AM R 240/AM R 280/AMR 320/AM R 360 feature image 1

The best cut – The wedge shaped cutterbar is adjustable through a large setting range which enables short stubble cuts in meadows and pastures and longer stubble in long stemmed field crops.

Forget about Stripes – Krone mowers feature a large overlap between discs that turn away from each other, which results in stripe less cuts.

No Inner Shoe = No blockages – The gearbox is arranged behind the inner top hat, a layout that makes for clean cuts on the headland and awkward plots without the mower pushing up the cut material.

Flotation – Adjustable suspension springs ensure the ground pressure is always optimal and the mower bed glides smoothly. This mechanical system ensures the mower lifts up and is pushed back down without any bounce.


AM R 240/AM R 280/AMR 320/AM R 360 feature image 2

Optimum Cutterbar Shape – Krone’s wedge shaped cutterbar has been designed to guide the crop into the mower blades while also rolling over any ground contours.

Tough Cutterbar Construction – Mower’s need to be built tough as they encounter all conditions in the field.  Krone’s fully welded one piece construction provides a resilience unmatched by many competitors.

Robust and Reliable – Krone has developed satellite gears and spur gears, ensuring positive mesh, slow speed, quiet running and efficient power transmission across every disc.

Lifetime Oil Filling  – Krone’s Cutterbars feature lifetime oil filling! No grease nipples! No oil changes!  to maximise your time in the field, minimise oil contamination and increase service life.



AM R 240/AM R 280/AMR 320/AM R 360 feature image 3

SafeCut Shear Pin protection system – When the disc hits an obstacle, the shear pin breaks and the disc threads up on the threaded drive shaft and moves out of the way of it’s neighbouring discs, which continue to spin without damage.

Quick Change Blades – Standard on all of Krone’s mowers.  This system allows blades to be changed simply within seconds using a tool supplied by Krone in the field, hassle free!

Drive System – Krone mowers use strong gearboxes with shafts and clutches instead of belts. This strong direct drive ensures the highest productivity and less down time.

Super Strong – A redesigned stocky headstock provides strength that will last through the heaviest of working conditions.

Low Power, Maximum Output – Krone extracts the best quality output from its mowers using the optimum disc speed.  This is achieved using the satellite gear system which requires less power, saving you fuel and wear on the mower internals.

Easy, Practical, Safe – A 100 degree transport position provides uniform weight distribution and better visibility when travelling and a vertical storage position as an option.






AM R 240/AM R 280/AM R 320/AM R 360

AM R 240AM R 280AM R 320AM R 360
Work Width2.44 m2.83 m3.22 m3.61 m
Upright Transport Position100°100°100°100°
No. Of Discs 4567
No. Of Top Hats2222
Power Requirements 41HP55HP68HP75HP
PTO Speed Standard 540rpm540rpm540rpm540rpm